Discovered! A Legal Loophole In Gambling Law Is Allowing Investors Like You To Grab A Piece Of This Company’s $30 Million Per Week Revenue Generating Machines!

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Yes… $30 Million per week! That’s what newly public Bingo Nation’s (BLTO) 3,000 gaming kiosks could generate throughout Tribal Lands! Investors who act now could watch shares soar from $1 to $14.44!

That’s good enough to turn every $2K into $26,880… Or ever $5K into a whopping 67,200!


In Las Vegas, they say, “the house always wins”…

And they’re right – no matter how much an individual players wins – most casino goers lose way more! It’s always good to be the house – they always profit.

For decades, regular Joe’s have been searching for a way, any way to get in on a piece of that action – gambling is projected to soon be a $635 Billion industry that very few people are able to touch…

Until now…

Recently public, Bingo Nation (OTC:BLTO) is giving people like you and me a chance to get on some of gambling’s titan-sized profits.

By installing 3,000 of their machines into tribal gaming lands throughout North America – BLTO is set to generate $30 Million per week in revenue.

Think about that…

$30 Million per week – is $120 Million per month – or $1.44 Billion per year!

Wouldn’t it be great to be on the ground floor of a company that could soon be the driving force behind THAT kind of revenue?

Of course it would!

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1,344% Could Be Just A Drop In The Bucket – Consider Acting NOW!

Now, 1,344% gains are big – HUGE in fact – but that may just be the beginning for BLTO.

Understand, this company has a lot more going for it than just 3,000 money-generating gaming kiosks…

Because get this, Bingo Nation’s kiosks don’t require to even be inside the casino to play!

Gameplay is similar to the lotto – once a ticket is bought – the players sit back and wait for the weekly drawings. And just like Powerball – the machines are all linked! Making it so that the payouts to the winners could be HUGE!

To put it plainly: BLTO has just brought legal gambling to your living room! They’re revolutionizing the way gambling works…

And making it entirely possible to legally gamble on your phone, or in the comfort of your easychair in front of the TV.

But this company has a lot more going for it – we’ve only scratched the surface of BLTO’s profit potential…

Once you’ve heard the rest of the story, I’m convinced that you’ll be just as excited as I am about BLTO!

With 1,344% profits on the line (and maybe a lot more to come) – it’s hard to justify sitting on the sidelines for this one.

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All The Best,

Rich Bellevue
Editor, Wallstreet Blaze

PS. BLTO’s gaming kiosks could soon be earning $30 Million per week – giving early investors the chance at 1,344% gains! 1,344% returns mean that every $5K invested could turn into $67,200 or every $10K could EXPLODE into $134,400! Go to my special report now to see how you can be one of the FIRST to lock in YOUR chance to profit from this amazing company!

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