How Bingo Nation Works

    Bingo Nation is “appointment television” for your customers. A weekly live interactive Network one-hour game-entertainment experience featuring great prizes, cash, and a $1,000,000+ weekly Grand- Prize drawing.

    To participate in a game, which is held weekly, a player must purchase a paper bingo card before the game begins via a self-service kiosk located in a tribally-licensed gaming facility on the Indian lands of a participating tribe. Players may play in person at the tribal gaming facility where the ball draw is conducted or may appoint a Player Proxy Agent to play the cards on their behalf. Each Player Proxy Agent tracks and covers numbers on the bingo cards for which they are responsible using an Electronic Card Minding Device.

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  • The Player Card

    Know who your players are. Registered Players may add funds at the kiosk to their account; keep track of their purchases, prize winnings and payouts.


  • The Game Card

    Players can choose to skip registration by purchasing Game Cards at our self-serve kiosk for cash. Their winning Game cards are securely barcoded and may be scanned and validated at the self-serve kiosk following the Game draw.

    Our “bingo perm” is a library of 100 million game cards offered to Players each week. Each Game card is unique. The Game plays to a winner in several different prize patterns, including the coverall, and a rolling progressive bingo jackpot!



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